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Beta Bugfix Release v0.11.1

A new BookStack bug-fix release has now been released to resolve a few issues found over the last month. Here are the fixes and updates: Updated all URL references to allow BookStack to be placed at a non-root location on a domain. Fixed no borders on table heading rows. Fixed creation of books/chapters/pages with only punctuation titles. Fixed issues with double braces in both editors. Fixed safari rendering of page tag manager. »

A Year of BookStack

BookStack is now 1 year old! The first commit can be found on GitHub here. BookStack also now has over 200 stars GitHub stars! It’s absolutely awesome to see BookStack grow into something worked on and shaped by a community. Back in Time To celebrate how BookStack has grown over the last year I thought we’d take a quick look back at how the design of the project morphed, especially in the first few months, from the initial commit into its current state. »

Beta Release v0.11.0

BookStack v0.11 has now been released. This version is a cleanup and bugfix release with a few new handy features to make nicer pages and to help organise books easier. Here are the useful links for this release: Update instructions GitHub release page Editor Updates Callouts The WYSIWYG editor now supports callouts. These are styled blocks that can be used to highlight or alert specific bits of information. These are ideal for catching the attention of the user for snippets of text that are important. »

Beta Release v0.10.0

It’s been a short while since the last release (43 days to be exact) but BookStack v0.10 is finally here. Here are some handy links: Update instructions GitHub release page GitHub milestone v0.9 Bugfixes: v0.9.1 v0.9.2 v0.9.3 Most of the development time for this release was spent implementing a tagging system and overhauling the permissions systems which, although mainly for internal purposes, brings some useful extra functionality. »

BookStack, now with CI Development

BookStack now has continuous integration set up and connected to the GitHub repo. Now whenever code is pushed, or a pull request is created, the tests will be automatically be ran against the new code. The BookStack CI builds can be found here. Initial it was set-up on CodeShip but I moved it to TravisCI due to the build details not being publicly visible on CodeShip which was a big disappointment. »

Beta Release v0.9.0

BookStack v0.9.0 is now available. Update instructions can be found in the new documentation pages here. If you have not yet read through the changes of v0.8.2 I’d recommend doing so as there were some fairly large changes to the permission system as well as a nice little header fix. The changes are detailed here. Markdown Editor A much requested addition to BookStack was a markdown editor. An initial implementation has now been added which includes a live preview of your content. »

Beta Release v0.8.2

BookStack v0.8.2 has just been push up to the release branch in the official GitHub repository. This is a bugfix release to fix a few small things up before the next feature release. Update instructions can be found in the new documentation pages here. The biggest update is to the Book, Chapter & Page restrictions that were introduced in version 0.7.6. This has been re-named from ‘Restrictions’ to ‘Permissions’ since that’s a much more appropriate name for them. »

Beta Release v0.8.0

Update BookStack v0.8.1 has since been released to address some bugs. BookStack v0.8.0 has now been released!. The release can be found here on GitHub and update/install instructions can be found here. We realised that we have pretty much been randomly creating the release numbers so far so but from now on we are going to stick to Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 as much as possible. Since this release has some large new features that are upgrade-compatible we’re jumping off v0. »

100 Stars on GitHub!

BookStack now has over 100 stars on GitHub! It’s a minor milestone but I’m very happy about it. Since July of last year I’ve put a fair amount of effort into the project and it’s awesome to see other people find value in BookStack. Most of those stars have come from my initial posting on the Reddit and a tweet about the project. These events can be seen in the site analytics: »

Beta Release v0.7.6

BookStack Beta v0.7.6 has now been released. The release can be found here on GitHub and update instructions can be found here. Here are some important things to note with this update: Images uploaded to restricted content will still currently be visible to everyone. The new roles & restriction system is a large change, it has been tested well but there is still likely to be a few bugs so please use with caution for now. »