Project Roadmap & Beta Release v0.25.2

We have another patch release for BookStack v0.25 to fix bugs, update translations & to add some new configuration options. We now also have a project roadmap to provide some visibility of where the BookStack is going.

Project Roadmap

Visibility of BookStack’s direction was becoming increasingly requested as more people get involved with the project. To provide some insight into the development plan, a new section has been added to the project readme to outline a high-level roadmap for BookStack:

BookStack Roadmap

Additionally, the release process has been detailed to provide insight into how BookStack releases are organised and how releases are versioned:

BookStack Release Process

Code Block Updates

Code blocks in BookStack have been updated to provide syntax highlighting for two new popular languages: Lua & PowerShell.

CodeBlock LUA PoweShell

Language Updates

  • German translations now include translations for shelves. Thanks to @Xiphoseer. (#1272).
  • Dutch translations will now show the current password hint information. Thanks to @maantje. (#1314)

Full List of Changes

  • Added PowerShell code highlighting to code blocks. Thanks to @christophert. (#1263, #1040)
  • Added LUA code highlighting to code blocks. (#1223)
  • Added LDAP option to set a custom “Display Name” property. Thanks to @dfanara. (#1317, #1306)
  • Added possibility to set a password for Redis connections. (#1283)
  • Updated front-end file upload size limit to be configurable. (#1293)
  • Updated Dutch translations for the password hint. Thanks to @maantje. (#1314)
  • Updated image paste/drop uploads to properly set page relations so image permissions are active. (#1287)
  • Updated German translations to include translations for shelves. Thanks to @Xiphoseer. (#1272)
  • Updated permissions checked for “Page Copy” function to be more accurate to what permissions are actually required. Thanks to @mark-james. (#1202, #1199)
  • Updated permissions checked for the “Shelves” header item to be visible. Now takes into account custom shelve-level permissions. (#1201)
  • Fixed bug where using alignment properties could break tables. (#1284)
  • Fixed issue where default system language would not be reflected when viewing another user’s profile. (#1316)
  • Fixed issue where image-manager tooltips could be cut-off. Thanks to @Abijeet. (#1238, #1186)

Header Image Credits:   unsplash-logoeberhard grossgasteiger