Beta Release v0.18.0

We’re now over two years into the life of BookStack and to celebrate we have a new release, v0.18. This release unexpectedly grew in scope during development but it brings a good bunch of highly-requested features along with the biggest design change since October 2015.

Design Changes

As features have built up the existing design was becoming cluttered. There was little visual separation between different sections and a lack of consistency in how pages were laid out. In this release the design has evolved to tackle these issues. Here’s a before and after of the page view:


Page Design Old


Page Design New

As you can see, The new design visually separates the page content and the page meta data. The sidebar has been moved to the left to prevent scrolling issues and the content within is now clearly labelled and spaced. When scrolling on a page, the sidebar will now not jump around as much such preventing visual distraction.

The header bar height has been reduced to put more focus on the content. The action overflow menu is now labelled to be clearer. The old default font has been replaced with system fonts which provide a more native feel and also help to reduce load times.

On mobile, The sidebar will now remain to the side but be hidden and expandable rather than just jumping below the page content: