Beta Release v0.17.0

After a few quiet months I’m happy to announce BookStack v0.17 is now ready for release. This release focuses mainly on the code editing experience throughout BookStack. Here are the handy quick-links:

Also, We’re back into July which means BookStack is now almost two years old. It’s worth checking out this post from last year to see how BookStack originally evolved if you’re new to the project.

If you didn’t catch the last couple of bug fix releases ensure you read about them here as there were some crucial permission issues that might require some additional steps if you recently changed role permissions.

Code Content Updates

Due to its nature of being a niche self-hosted platform there are a lot of folks that store code in BookStack. I am one of those folks and the previous code editing experience has always been frustrating in my experience since any code pasted would always be formatted incorrectly then when editing you could never indent or move the content without issue. For this update I wanted to revamp all code displays to a level that’s enjoyable to use. To acheive this we have used codemirror, The editor in brackets and many other projects, throughout BookStack. Here is what’s changed:

Code Display in Pages

To start, The display of code has been updated on pages. A base-16 light color scheme is now used and line numbers are now shown. Copying from these blocks of code is nice and simple and you won’t end up copying the line numbers like some code displays.

Page code display

Editing Code in the WYSIWYG Editor

The code editing system in the WYSIWYG editor has been drastically changed. Code blocks can be inserted via the format menu as before but now a new popup window will display: