Beta Release v0.25.1

Soon after the v0.25 release last weekend we have the v0.25.1 patch release to fix some bugs, add support for s3 compatible services and to prepare for the upcoming removal of the Google Plus API.

Google Sign-in Changes

Google have announced the shut-down of Google+ API’s which is what BookStack was using for its Google authentication option. The API’s are due to be shut down on March the 7th, With API failures starting from January the 28th.

In this release the API calls made no longer make use of the Google+ API so all you’ll need to do is to update your BookStack instance to continue using the Google sign-in option. You should be able to continue using the same OAuth credentials as before.

S3 Compatible Service Support

This release introduces some configuration changes that make it possible to use BookStack with s3 compatible services such as Minio or Ceph (With a s3-compatible gateway). Details of this can be found in the docs here.

Full List of Changes

  • Updated revision listing so dates can show localised if the relevant locale is installed on the host system. (#1214)
  • Added support for s3 compatible storage services such as Minio. (#1195, #1192)
  • Updated Google authentication to not use Google+ API. (#1190)
  • Fixed “Rubber banding” effect when scrolling in certain conditions when comments were disabled. (#1218)
  • Fixed isssue causing only show a single page to show when using Firefox’s print option. (#1211)

Header Image Credits:   unsplash-logoAnnie Spratt