Replacing Google Analytics & Mailchimp

On this BookStack site I have been using Google Analytics to track visitor metrics. While not crucial to know, it’s generally useful to have an idea of the target audience, current popularity and be aware of any visitor spikes. For the email updates and email security alerts I’ve been using Mailchimp. This post explains the move to more privacy aware alternatives. Google Analytics to Plausible BookStack, being an open source self-hostable platform, will have an audience that’s generally quite privacy aware. »

Five Years of BookStack

With a first commit dated Sunday the 12th of July 2015, BookStack is now over 5 years old. Looking back, those 5 years have appeared to fly by but within that time there’s been a lot of growth, both for me as a maintainer and in regards to the project itself. For the 5th year anniversary I thought it would be interesting to collate some numbers to quantify the scale of the project while also sharing my experience of maintaining & managing the project. »

1000 Stars and Beta Release v0.19

Before 2017 is up we have managed to hit 1000 stars on GitHub! This reflects the continued growing momentum that the project has experienced over time considering the 500 star milestone was only passed in March of this year. Throughout 2017 there’s been a growing amount of community contributions to the project in various forms which includes making pull requests, creating issues and supporting on existing issues. A massive thanks to everyone that’s made such a contribution since it’s great to see people that care about a project like this. »

Ditching Disqus Comments

Just a small update about a change on the blog here. I have decided to drop the use of Disqus as a commenting system and instead replaced the comments area with a few simple links to my twitter and to the BookStack issues page. I’ve really liked Disqus and am grateful for the service they provided but it looks like they are moving forward with increasing their ad displaying and user tracking. »

500 Stars & Release v0.15.2

Over 500 Stars BookStack now has over 500 stars on GitHub! Yeah yeah yeah, I know, GitHub stars aren’t a great way to track the success of a project but it is nice as a periodical milestone and to give a relative idea of user growth. As well as stars, GitHub Issues (which include feature requests and discussions) have also been growing steadily with the count hovering around 80 which is still manageable. »

Over 300 Stars, The Next Release and Dockerizing

Over 300 Stars It’s a bit delayed but BookStack now has over 300 stars on GitHub. Hooray! 🎆 Still fairly minor in the grand scheme of things but I hope this continues to grow in the future. The Next Release The next release is going to be packed with some big new features including revision diffs and page attachments. Under the hood BookStack has been updated from Laravel 5.2 to 5. »

A Year of BookStack

BookStack is now 1 year old! The first commit can be found on GitHub here. BookStack also now has over 200 stars GitHub stars! It’s absolutely awesome to see BookStack grow into something worked on and shaped by a community. Back in Time To celebrate how BookStack has grown over the last year I thought we’d take a quick look back at how the design of the project morphed, especially in the first few months, from the initial commit into its current state. »

BookStack, now with CI Development

BookStack now has continuous integration set up and connected to the GitHub repo. Now whenever code is pushed, or a pull request is created, the tests will be automatically be ran against the new code. The BookStack CI builds can be found here. Initial it was set-up on CodeShip but I moved it to TravisCI due to the build details not being publicly visible on CodeShip which was a big disappointment. »

100 Stars on GitHub!

BookStack now has over 100 stars on GitHub! It’s a minor milestone but I’m very happy about it. Since July of last year I’ve put a fair amount of effort into the project and it’s awesome to see other people find value in BookStack. Most of those stars have come from my initial posting on the Reddit and a tweet about the project. These events can be seen in the site analytics: »