100 Stars on GitHub!

BookStack now has over 100 stars on GitHub! It’s a minor milestone but I’m very happy about it. Since July of last year I’ve put a fair amount of effort into the project and it’s awesome to see other people find value in BookStack.

Most of those stars have come from my initial posting on the Reddit and a tweet about the project. These events can be seen in the site analytics:

BookStack Traffic

The initial small spike is my Reddit post and the large middle spike is the twitter post:

Going Forward

I’ve recently added BookStack to alternativeto.net so people can find it when looking at similar systems like Confluence.

I would really like to improve the BookStack documentation soon as it’s very weak with the readme being the only source of information. Ideally I’d like the docs to be written in markdown in a git repo so I’m looking to get some kind of markdown import going into BookStack to accommodate this. Also, I’m looking to create some videos to give an overview of what BookStack is and the features it has.