500 Stars & Release v0.15.2

Over 500 Stars

BookStack now has over 500 stars on GitHub! Yeah yeah yeah, I know, GitHub stars aren’t a great way to track the success of a project but it is nice as a periodical milestone and to give a relative idea of user growth.

As well as stars, GitHub Issues (which include feature requests and discussions) have also been growing steadily with the count hovering around 80 which is still manageable. Something I’ve been seeing recently is other members now helping out with issues on a regular basis which I’m super grateful for.

Project Growth

Thought I’d share some updates on the overall project growth. Here’s the stats of the ‘bookstackapp.com’ website showing sessions and bounce rate on a weekly basis since public launch:

BookStack Site Growth Analytics

As you can see sessions have been slowly climbing and bounce rate has declined steadily which I think is due to the slow expansion of the site docs. Thanks to people sharing BookStack and the website/blog slowly gaining more content I think this growth should continue. I’ve done no active promotion of the project for a while apart from adding BookStack to Slant.

Quite often now I’m seeing new posts & comments on reddit, in both the selfhosted and homelab subreddits, where others are recommending BookStack which is wonderful to see.


The ability to donate to the project has been requested a few times now. Here’s the current conversation about this on GitHub. Personally I have no current requirement of donations but maybe something like BountySource could work for this project as a way to accept donations and also reward contributions. I’m a little wary of bringing money into the mix but if you have experience of BountySource or have any other ideas I’d like to hear your thoughts on the GitHub issue.

Minor Update v0.15.2

A minor update has been released today with a few fixes and improvements.


  • Partial Spanish and Dutch translations implemented (Thanks to diegoseso and arietimmerman).
  • Updated how JavaScript translations are fetched to prevent conflicting webserver rules.
  • Updated the “user edit” interface to be more responsive and fixed the ‘Cancel’ button for non-admin users.
  • Improved testing coverage of the translations system.

Header Image Credits: Jeremy Thomas