A YouTube Alternative for our Video Content

Since setting it up in 2021, the BookStack YouTube channel has grown to be a fairly significant repository of guides and visual project updates. Our following on YouTube has also grown reaching 1.5k subscribers, which means I can even earn from our content on the platform as an extra minor revenue stream.

While this is all great, YouTube does have it’s issues. Advertisements can be forced upon users, impeding access to guidance with forced commercialism, and people may have legitimate privacy concerns about YouTube and it’s Google ownership. This is probably more likely in our audience too since we’re an open & privacy respecting platform ourselves.

For these reasons I’ve set-up an alternative option for consuming our video content which can be found here: BookStack on Foss.video.

This is a PeerTube instance I’ve set-up to host content for BookStack and potentially other similar open source projects that need a home. If interested, you can find additional detail on the creation and my intent for foss.video on my personal blog here.

One great thing about PeerTube, is that it can be part of the “Fediverse”, so you can follow and comment on our videos through other platforms like Mastodon via the bookstack@foss.video handle.

The YouTube channel will remain up of course, with these two options running in parallel. Links to videos in our documentation will prefer foss.video links, to ensure privacy respecting and interruption free access to guidance.

Header Image Credits:  Photo by Agent J on Unsplash