BookStack Release v23.08

The August release of BookStack is now here! This is focused upon an initial implementation of a notification system for content, but as usual there are a few other improvements to enjoy. »

BookStack Release v23.06

Today brings us BookStack v23.06 which aims to improve how comments are displayed & used, while also providing a revamp to the image manager among many other fixes and improvements. »

BookStack Release v23.05

BookStack v23.05 releases today, sneaking into the start of May with a bunch of additions, updates and changes including a new command line tool to help with admin operations. »

BookStack Release v23.02

BookStack v23.02 is here, acting primarily as a maintenance release to upgrade the underlying framework while optimizing things and making a few other additions. »

BookStack Security Release v23.01.1

BookStack v23.01.1 has been released. This is a security release that addresses a potential vulnerability in PDF generation that could be used to make server-side requests or run potential other PHP code. »

BookStack Release v23.01

To start off our releases for the year we have BookStack v23.01 which adds many user experience enhancements & options while also making subtle further back-end changes to permissions. »

BookStack Release v22.11

Just sneaking into November is BookStack v22.11 which comes with a splendid spread of surprises intended to enhance many existing interfaces and features of BookStack. »

BookStack Release v22.10

This spooky season supplies us with BookStack v22.10, which continues our work to improve permission control while bringing along some extra treats, without any tricks. »

BookStack Release v22.09

The BookStack September release is here with a variety of desired features that build upon, and enhance, existing BookStack systems. As usual, it also includes language updates and a bunch of tweaks & fixes. »

BookStack Release v22.07

For July we have what could be considered a “stepping-stone” release since it marks the start of some underlying permission system changes but it does bundle in a rich set of system enhancements & minor features. »

BookStack Release v22.06

BookStack v22.06 is now here! This release was primarily refinement focused but it does include some great new features that may streamline your usage of the platform. »

BookStack Release v22.04

Today brings the release of BookStack v22.04! This includes the much-awaited feature of easier page editor switching, in addition to a bunch of other additions and improvements. »

BookStack Release v22.03

Today we release BookStack v22.03 which features some further additions to the WYSIWYG editor, aiming to align its feature-set with our markdown editor. »

BookStack Release v22.02

Today we announce the first BookStack feature release of 2022. This brings updates & features to the WYSIWYG editor, user management API endpoints and much more. »

BookStack Security Release v21.12.1

BookStack v21.12.1 has been released. This is a security release that better enforces permissions on book-sort & chapter-move operations to address scenarios where content could be moved to non-permissible locations. »

BookStack Release v21.12

As our last feature release of the year BookStack v21.12 is now available. Upon a bunch of fixes & improvements, this release features outgoing webhooks in addition to the ability of copying entire chapters and books. »

BookStack Security Release v21.11.3

BookStack v21.11.3 has been released. This is a security release that helps prevent potential discovery and harvesting of user details including name and email address. »

BookStack Security Release v21.11.2

BookStack v21.11.2 has been released. This is a security release that address a couple of vulnerabilities relating to API access and page draft related content visibility: »

BookStack Release v21.11

Today we release BookStack v21.11 which focuses on a couple of areas that have gone untouched for a while; Those areas being tags and the site-wide search system. »

BookStack Security Release v21.10.2

BookStack v21.10.2 has been released. This is a security release that builds upon changes in v21.10.1 which covers a vulnerability which would allow malicious users, who have permission to update or create pages, to upload content that could then be utilized for phishing or other general malicious intent. »

BookStack Security Release v21.10.1

BookStack v21.10.1 has been released. This is a security release that covers a vulnerability which would allow malicious users, who have permission to update or create pages, to upload content that could then be utilized for phishing or other general malicious intent. »

BookStack Release v21.10

October brings us BookStack v21.10. This release is primarily intended to wrap up a few loose ends before we make more substantial framework changes, but it does bring with it a new authentication option in addition to some new API endpoints. »

BookStack Security Release v21.08.5

BookStack v21.08.5 has been released. This is a security release that covers a vulnerability which would allow malicious users, who have permission to update or create pages, to load content from files stored within the storage/ or public/ directories (Such as application logs) via the page HTML export system. »

BookStack Security Release v21.08.2

BookStack v21.08.2 has been released. This security release is intended to cover a couple of XSS vulnerabilities, where a malicious user with page edit access could enter script that would execute upon page view. »

BookStack Release v21.08

Today we release BookStack v21.08, which brings along multi-factor authentication support in addition to a number of other nice features. Within this post we’ll dive into some of the biggest new changes since the v21. »

BookStack Release v21.05

BookStack v21.05 has now been released which brings along new user interface features & enhancements including a favourites system and easier in-book navigation. »

BookStack Release v21.04

Today is the launch of BookStack v21.04 which is our next feature release after Beta v0.31. For this release we’re dropping the beta and changing our version scheme as detailed below. »

Beta Security Release v0.31.5

BookStack v0.31.5 has been released. As with the previous release (v0.31.4) this updates the Laravel framework version used to help avoid a potential vulnerability when requests were crafted in a certain manner. »

Beta Security Release v0.31.4

BookStack v0.31.4 has been released. This security release updates the Laravel framework version, due to a vulnerability that could occur if request data was crafted and then used in a certain way. »

Beta Release v0.31.0

We kick of this optimistic year with BookStack v0.31 which includes some great additions & updates to existing functionality including a new recycle bin system, controllable item ownership, audit log changes, page API endpoints and much more. »

Beta Security Release v0.30.7

In continuation of the patches in v0.30.6, BookStack v0.30.7 has been released to address an issue that could lead to restricted page content being made visible in exports. »

Beta Security Release v0.30.5

Phishing and and server-side request forgery vulnerabilities have been found within BookStack. Release v0.30.5 will remove this server-side request forgery issue while bringing updated wording and advisories to prevent the potential phishing vulnerability. »

Beta Security Release v0.30.4

XSS and user-injected auto-redirect vulnerabilities have been found within the page content & attachment components of BookStack which BookStack v0.30.4 looks to address. »

Beta Release v0.30.0

Although intended to be a quick release cycle, v0.30 is now here 5 months after the last major release. Sketchy personal health, a poorly pet & a busy day-job workload, combined with constant working-from-home, have reduced the amount of time I could afford to spare working on the project but with normality somewhat returning I present BookStack v0. »

Beta Security Release v0.29.3

BookStack v0.29.3 has been released to address an issue that could expose the names of private/restricted books. Update instructions GitHub release page Impact The name of a restricted book could be viewed by non-authorised users when the book was on a shelf, and the shelves were viewed in “List View”. »

Beta Release v0.29.1

After the recent release of v0.29 comes this patch update to fix some bugs while introducing some nice user experience enhancements. »

Beta Release v0.29.0

This Easter BookStack release welcomes a range of user-experience improvements, with features such as dark mode and improved right-to-left text support, in addition to a bunch of fixes and enhancements. »

Beta Release v0.28.0

Our first 2020 release arrives with some great new features such as an initial API implementation and SAML2 authentication alongside further new customisation options. »

Beta Release v0.27.0

BookStack v0.27 is now available which adds page templates, a new user invitation flow, a more accessible interface and a bunch of under-the-hood changes to provide a better user & developer experience. »

Beta Release v0.26.0

After a long development cycle BookStack v0.26 is finally here, bringing a refreshed design that includes new functionality while providing a much better mobile experience. »

Project Roadmap & Beta Release v0.25.2

We have another patch release for BookStack v0.25 to fix bugs, update translations & to add some new configuration options. We now also have a project roadmap to provide some visibility of where the BookStack is going. »

Beta Release v0.25.1

Soon after the v0.25 release last weekend we have the v0.25.1 patch release to fix some bugs, add support for s3 compatible services and to prepare for the upcoming removal of the Google Plus API. »

Beta Release v0.25.0

2019 is here and to kick it off we have BookStack v0.25. This release does not contain any major new features but instead is focused on making improvements to existing systems within BookStack. »