Beta Release v0.25.1

Soon after the v0.25 release last weekend we have the v0.25.1 patch release to fix some bugs, add support for s3 compatible services and to prepare for the upcoming removal of the Google Plus API. Update instructions GitHub release page Google Sign-in Changes Google have announced the shut-down of Google+ API’s which is what BookStack was using for it’s Google authentication option. The API’s are due to be shut down on March the 7th, With API failures starting from January the 28th. »

Beta Release v0.25.0

2019 is here and to kick it off we have BookStack v0.25. This release does not contain any major new features but instead is focused on making improvements to existing systems within BookStack. Update instructions GitHub release page Please Note, During this release cycle it was found that page content includes could leak their content as preview text to users that don’t have permission to view the included content. »

Beta Release v0.24.0

Need a way to categorise your Books? Well BookStack v0.24 is the release for you bringing Bookshelves along with a host of other notable features such as revision removals, social authentication auto-registration and Arabic support. Please Note, Due to required re-working of some settings you may have to re-apply any homepage options you’ve previously set upon updating to v0.24. See the update instructions page linked below for further info. »

Beta Release v0.23.0

Quicker editing, better LDAP integration and Discord login are now here with BookStack v0.23 along with a good set of fixes and improvements. I must admit this release comes a little later than expected due to an unusually warm English summer making working conditions in my home office exhausting but luckily we’ve had a good number of code contributions to keep things moving. Update instructions GitHub release page Team Updates To start things off I’d like to welcome lommes as an official member of the BookStack team. »

Beta Release v0.22.0

BookStack v0.22 is here with a much requested homepage option in addition to changes to the drawing system and improvements. Let’s get into it: Update instructions GitHub release page Books Homepage Option Setting the ‘/books’ view as the homepage was the most-requested issue we had so @Abijeet went ahead and built this in as a new setting. Just like the ‘/books’ view a grid or list layout can be selected. »

Beta Release v0.21.0

A new version of BookStack is here. Version 0.21 improves upon a number of existing features in addition to bringing its own new capabilities to BookStack. If you are updating to this release from v0.20.0 or before it’s also worth reviewing the hefty update v0.20.1 which included a good number of fixes and improvements itself. Update instructions GitHub release page New Team Member Before we dive into the depths of the new features in this release I’d like to announce that BookStack team has grown a little bit. »

Beta Release v0.20.1

Today we release BookStack v0.20.1. Although this update does not include any major new features it bundles up some big behind-the-scenes changes along with a great deal of fixes and updates. Update instructions GitHub release page Image Improvements Previously you could upload GIF images but, due to resizing, they would not remain in their animated state once in the page. Abijeet has now fixed this so you can go ahead and litter your pages with animated cat GIFs. »

Beta Release v0.20.0

Here we have the first release of 2018 and it’s a chunky one! Not only do we have integration but thanks to a range of contributors we have extra languages and authentication options. Additionally, In this release we are testing options for theming as well as authenticated image access. Update instructions GitHub release page Integration Often when creating documentation there are some things that are much better explained as drawings rather than text hence why drawing support had been requested a few times for BookStack. »

1000 Stars and Beta Release v0.19

Before 2017 is up we have managed to hit 1000 stars on GitHub! This reflects the continued growing momentum that the project has experienced over time considering the 500 star milestone was only passed in March of this year. Throughout 2017 there’s been a growing amount of community contributions to the project in various forms which includes making pull requests, creating issues and supporting on existing issues. A massive thanks to everyone that’s made such a contribution since it’s great to see people that care about a project like this. »

Beta Security Release v0.18.5 + Other Bugfix Releases

Security Release v0.18.5 This release fixes the following security issue: Fixed issue where email confirmation was not forced when domain restriction was enabled. (#573) This issue meant that if you have domain restriction enabled on sign-up, and you did not enable email confirmation, a user could sign up via email (Using an approved email domain) but then login right away without confirming they own the email. It is suggested that if you had email confirmation disabled but domain restriction enabled you check all user accounts to ensure they are legitimate. »