Beta Release v0.20.1

Today we release BookStack v0.20.1. Although this update does not include any major new features it bundles up some big behind-the-scenes changes along with a great deal of fixes and updates. Update instructions GitHub release page Image Improvements Previously you could upload GIF images but, due to resizing, they would not remain in their animated state once in the page. Abijeet has now fixed this so you can go ahead and litter your pages with animated cat GIFs. »

Beta Release v0.20.0

Here we have the first release of 2018 and it’s a chunky one! Not only do we have integration but thanks to a range of contributors we have extra languages and authentication options. Additionally, In this release we are testing options for theming as well as authenticated image access. Update instructions GitHub release page Integration Often when creating documentation there are some things that are much better explained as drawings rather than text hence why drawing support had been requested a few times for BookStack. »

1000 Stars and Beta Release v0.19

Before 2017 is up we have managed to hit 1000 stars on GitHub! This reflects the continued growing momentum that the project has experienced over time considering the 500 star milestone was only passed in March of this year. Throughout 2017 there’s been a growing amount of community contributions to the project in various forms which includes making pull requests, creating issues and supporting on existing issues. A massive thanks to everyone that’s made such a contribution since it’s great to see people that care about a project like this. »

Beta Security Release v0.18.5 + Other Bugfix Releases

Security Release v0.18.5 This release fixes the following security issue: Fixed issue where email confirmation was not forced when domain restriction was enabled. (#573) This issue meant that if you have domain restriction enabled on sign-up, and you did not enable email confirmation, a user could sign up via email (Using an approved email domain) but then login right away without confirming they own the email. It is suggested that if you had email confirmation disabled but domain restriction enabled you check all user accounts to ensure they are legitimate. »

Beta Release v0.18.0

We’re now over two years into the life of BookStack and to celebrate we have a new release, v0.18. This release unexpectedly grew in scope during development but it brings a good bunch of highly-requested features along with the biggest design change since October 2015. Update instructions GitHub release page Design Changes As features have built up the existing design was becoming cluttered. There was little visual separation between different sections and a lack of consistency in how pages were laid out. »

Beta Bugfix Releases v0.17.1 to v0.17.4

Since the v0.17 feature release at the start of the month a good bunch of fixes and feature tweaks have made their way into BookStack. After 4 bugfix release we’re now at version v0.17.4. Here are some details on the changes made over the last month: UTF8mb4 / Emoji Support As part of v0.17 a database change was included to add support for Emoji. To achieve this the encoding used in the database was changed upon upgrade. »

Beta Release v0.17.0

After a few quiet months I’m happy to announce BookStack v0.17 is now ready for release. This release focuses mainly on the code editing experience throughout BookStack. Here are the handy quick-links: Update instructions GitHub release page Also, We’re back into July which means BookStack is now almost two years old. It’s worth checking out this post from last year to see how BookStack originally evolved if you’re new to the project. »

Beta Bugfix Releases v0.16.2 and v0.16.3

Just a quick update on some bugfix point releases. Last month v0.16.2 was released. This fixes issues in the permission system when using the non-native php-mysql driver. More information can be found in the issue thread here. Today an issue with role permissions was picked up. Permissions removed from a role would not take effect. Version 0.16.3 has been released to cover this issue. If you use the permission system and have removed permissions from roles at any point I’d recommend running the command php artisan bookstack:regenerate-permissions from your BookStack install folder to ensure all permissions are set correctly. »

Beta Bugfix Release v0.16.1

One week after v0.16.0 we have our first v0.16 Bugfix release. This contains the following changes and fixes: Fixed permission updates on large books failing due to MySQL placeholder count (#374) Added functionality to check ‘Accept-Language’ header to provide translations when not logged in. (#375) Added HTML support back into the Markdown editor. (#378) Refactored permission system for general speedups. Update instructions GitHub release page Header Image Credits: Timo Vijn »

Beta Release v0.16.0

Another BookStack release is upon us. Since the last release work has been put into spring-cleaning the search system which is detailed below. Community contributions have gained some momentum bringing in some fantastic new features and fixes. Update instructions GitHub release page New Search System The old search system had some issues. It was based on MySQL fulltext indexes which allowed the search to be efficient but smaller search terms would be ignored or non-english characters would not be matched. »