Beta Security Release v0.29.2

Over the last few days some vulnerabilities in the comment system have been identified, which BookStack v0.29.2 looks to address.

Be sure to run php artisan bookstack:regenerate-comment-content after upgrading if you think your instance may be impacted by this vulnerability.


A user with permission to create comments could POST HTML directly to the system to be saved in a comment, which would then be executed/displayed to others users viewing the comment. Through this vulnerability custom JavaScript code could be injected and therefore ran on other user machines.

This most impacts scenarios where not-trusted users are given permission to create comments.


The issue was addressed in BookStack v0.29.2.

After upgrading, The command php artisan bookstack:regenerate-comment-content should be ran to remove any pre-existing dangerous content.


Comments can be disabled in the system settings to prevent them being shown to users. Alternatively, comment creation permissions can be altered as required to only those who are trusted but this will not address existing exploitation of this vulnerability.



  • Thanks to Kenichi Okuno of Mitsui Bussan Secure Directions, Inc for the discovery and reporting of this vulnerability.
  • Thanks to JPCERT/CC for coordinating the reporting of the issue.

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