Beta Releases v0.28.1, v0.28.2 & v0.28.3

Following on from the release of v0.28, we’ve had a series of patch releases to apply a range of fixes & enhancements in addition to some translation updates. There’s nothing urgent or security related in these but they collectively include quite a few fixes so it’s still worth updating.

LDAP Authentication Updates 🔒

Within these releases, some attention has been paid to the LDAP auth system which specifically improves compatibility with Active Directory. Within v0.28.0 we made it possible to specify the stored ID attribute that will be stored to relate users. Unfortunately this was not compatible with AD’s objectGUID attribute since it’s provided in a raw binary format. In these updates we’ve made it possible to prefix the attribute name with BIN; to specific it’s a binary attribute like so:


BookStack will convert the value to hex for storage. Note, if you change this value after already using LDAP you’ll need to update any stored user “External Authentication ID’s” within BookStack.

It’s also now possible to set a LDAP_DUMP_USER_DETAILS=true option to help debug user details provided to BookStack, by the LDAP system, which can be very useful when setting up and debugging group sync.

The LDAP Authentication Docs have been updated to reflect these additions.

Translations 🌎

New Languages

Within these releases we have a few new languages available:

Translation Updates

These releases contain another bunch of translation additions and updates. A massive thanks to the following crowdin & GitHub members:

  • Vuong Trung Hieu (fpooon) - Vietnamese
  • Emil Petersen (emoyly) - Danish
  • mrjaboozy - Slovenian
  • Statium - Russian
  • Finn Wessel (19finnwessel6) - German Informal; German
  • Mikkel Struntze (MStruntze) - Danish
  • kostefun - Russian
  • nutsflag - French
  • Tuyen.NG (tuyendev) - Vietnamese
  • Ziipen - Danish
  • Samuel Schwarz (Guiph7quan) - Czech
  • Gustav Kånåhols (Kurbitz) - Swedish
  • Julio Alberto García (Yllelder) - Spanish
  • milesteg - Hungarian
  • m0uch0 - Spanish
  • Rafael (raribeir) - Portuguese, Brazilian
  • Hiroyuki Odake (dakesan) - Japanese
  • Rodrigo Saczuk Niz (rodrigoniz) - Portuguese, Brazilian
  • Alex Lee (qianmengnet) - Chinese Simplified
  • swinn37 - French
  • @kostefun - Russian
  • @Statium - Russian

Discord Chat 💬

Although not new, it’s worth noting we have a Discord server which can be found here:

This is now accessible from the project readme in addition to the header & footer of this site. It’s generally a great way to communicate with other BookStack users & developers without having to formally create a GitHub issue.

Full List of Changes

  • Fixed issue where WYSIWYG editor would freeze when a code block is dragged. (#1901)
  • Fixed shelf cover images not be stored on creation. Thanks @TBK. (#1899, #1897)
  • Fixed CSS issue that prevented DOMPDF exports. (#1886)
  • Fixed issue where breadcrumb dropdown menus would display error messages. (#1884)
  • Fixed error that was thrown on LDAP login when no matching user was found. (#1876)
  • Updated code block rendering to avoid showing an empty new-line at the end of a block. (#1877)
  • Updated test email send functionality to capture and show any errors thrown. (#1874)
  • Added ability to mark LDAP attributes as binary so they can be converted to hex for storage. (#1872)
  • Added LDAP option to dump fetched user details to assist debugging. (#1872)
  • Fixed side-effect in binary LDAP handling that was added in v0.28.1 (commit)
  • Added Slovenian language support. Thanks to @mrjaboozy. (#1946)
  • Added Vietnamese Language support. Thanks to @vuongtrunghieu (#1883)
  • Added Hebrew Translations. Thanks to @Binternet. (#1827)
  • Added support for Fortran language code blocks. Thanks to @JHenneberg. (#1878)
  • Updated spacing in colour picker components to be consistent and prevent text-dropdown on longer-text languages. Thanks to @Statium. (#1943, #1930)
  • Updated login and registration header actions to be consistent with other header links. Thanks to @Statium. (#1942)
  • Updated install instructions and scripts to not install development composer packages. (#1928)
  • Updated list styles to prevent additional margin/padding showing in nested lists. Thanks to @MikeyMJCO. (#1913, #1911)
  • Updated Russian translations. Thanks to @kostefun & @Statium. (#1885, #1837)
  • Updated translations for Vietnamese, Danish, Slovenian, Russian, German Informal; German, French, Czech, Swedish, Spanish, Hungarian, Portuguese, Brazilian, Japanese & Chinese Simplified. Thanks to Crowdin Users.
  • Updated “Intended URL” logic to work when “Public Access” is enabled. Thanks to @Xiphoseer. (#1817, #1706)
  • Fixed error that would throw if a user logs in with GitHub while having has a blank ’name’. (#1853)
  • Fixed validation issues that could occur on image uploads in some environments. Thanks to @TBK. (#1900, #1570)
  • Fixed ‘interaction_required’ response returned for the Azure login that would show when MFA is enabled. Thanks to @ch0wm3in. (#1889, #1903)

Header Image Credits:   unsplash-logoGenessa Panainte