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500 Stars & Release v0.15.2

Over 500 Stars BookStack now has over 500 stars on GitHub! Yeah yeah yeah, I know, GitHub stars aren’t a great way to track the success of a project but it is nice as a periodical milestone and to give a relative idea of user growth. As well as stars, GitHub Issues (which include feature requests and discussions) have also been growing steadily with the count hovering around 80 which is still manageable. »

Beta Release v0.15.0

Sneaking in before February closes we have another BookStack release. As well as your usual handful of bugfixes this release also comes with new sign-in options and better export functionality. Update instructions GitHub release page Quick note: There was a bug in v0.15.0 that could cause errors when upon update. This has now been addressed and v0.15.1 has been released to cover this. Rerun the update commands if you had trouble updating previously. »

Beta Security Release v0.14.3

Security Bugfix release. Fixes for the following major issue: On 404 (Not found) views page/chapter/book names were visible. No content of those items were visible, just the names. This includes instances that had ‘public viewing’ turned off. Sincere apologies for this issue. Update instructions GitHub release page Header Image Credits: Cristina Gottardi »

Beta Bugfix Release v0.14.2

Bugfix release. Fixes for the following issues: Missing subscript styling (#284) Fixed book contents not showing in some instances (#287, #294) Fixed possible issue with bad user thumbnails (#292) Update instructions GitHub release page Header Image Credits: Timo Vijn »

Beta Bugfix Release v0.14.1

This is a quick bugfix release for following single major bug: Possibility that all permissions could be deleted on book sort. (#282) If this issue occurs in your BookStack instance permission can be regenerated via the command line using php artisan permissions:regen from your BookStack install folder. Apologies if this issue caused you any problems. Update instructions GitHub release page Header Image Credits: Alain Wong »

Beta Release v0.14.0

The first release of 2017 is upon us with v0.14. Since the last release, back in November, focus has been put on adding support mulitple languages as was planned but a range of additional features & bugfixes have also been added. As usual, Here are the update links: Update instructions GitHub release page Language Support All of the text used in BookStack has been moved into language-specific text files so different languages can be easily added. »

Beta Bugfix Release v0.13.1

Due to some critical issues, A bugfix release has been released for BookStack v0.13. Update instructions GitHub release page Fixes & Changes Moved page tag display to the sidebar to prevent visual positioning issues with other elements. Fixed broken callout display. Fixed social login/registration which was broken in the last update. Header Image Credits: Jayden Yoon »

Beta Release v0.13.0

BookStack v0.13.0 has now been released. This release has taken a while but it did require some large under-the-hood updates and brings a few chunky features. Here are the update links: Update instructions GitHub release page Please read the additional information at the bottom of the update instructions page as there are some changes in v0.13 that will likely require some manual intervention due to new system requirements. »

Beta Bugfix Release v0.12.2

A second bugfix release has been put together to patch up a some issues found in v0.12.1. Update instructions GitHub release page Fixes & Changes Fixed callouts from overflowing over tags. Fixed ordered list numbers being cut off over two digits (Now allows up to 3 digits). Fixed table width in PDF exports, They are now made to go full-width. Improved reset password UI with additional notifications and links. »

Over 300 Stars, The Next Release and Dockerizing

Over 300 Stars It’s a bit delayed but BookStack now has over 300 stars on GitHub. Hooray! 🎆 Still fairly minor in the grand scheme of things but I hope this continues to grow in the future. The Next Release The next release is going to be packed with some big new features including revision diffs and page attachments. Under the hood BookStack has been updated from Laravel 5.2 to 5. »