User Documentation

Default Page Editor

The default editor in BookStack is a ‘What You See Is What You Get’ (WYSIWYG) editor. The usage of this editor is similar to typical word-processing applications such as Word or Google Docs.

Editor Shortcuts

The following shortcuts are available in the WYSIWYG Editor:

Shortcut (Windows & Linux/Mac) Description
Ctrl+S / Cmd+S Save Draft
Ctrl+Enter / Cmd+Enter Save Page & Continue
Ctrl+B / Cmd+B Bold
Ctrl+I / Cmd+I Italic
Ctrl+U / Cmd+U Underline
Ctrl+1 / Cmd+1
Ctrl+2 / Cmd+2
Ctrl+3 / Cmd+3
Ctrl+4 / Cmd+4
Header Large
Header Medium
Header Small
Header Tiny
Ctrl+5 / Cmd+5
Ctrl+D / Cmd+D
Normal Paragraph
Ctrl+6 / Cmd+6
Ctrl+Q / Cmd+Q
Ctrl+7 / Cmd+7
Ctrl+E / Cmd+E
Code Block
Ctrl+8 / Cmd+8
Ctrl+Shift+E / Cmd+Shift+E
Inline Code
Ctrl+9 / Cmd+9 Callout
(Keep pressing to toggle through styles)
Ctrl+O / Cmd+O
Ctrl+P / Cmd+P
Ordered List
Bullet List
Ctrl+Shift+K / Cmd+Shift+K Link to BookStack content