Admin Documentation

UTF8mb4/Emoji Support

As of BookStack v0.17 UTF8mb4 is the default database charset and collation which allows emoji support. If you installed and used BookStack prior to v0.17 you will have to upgrade your database manually to support emoji.

WARNING: Before following any of the below create a backup of your database to prevent potential data loss.

From v0.17.2, BookStack has a helper command to generate the SQL for this change. Ensure you are on BookStack v0.17.2 or above and then run this command from root BookStack folder:

php artisan bookstack:db-utf8mb4

You can use the output of this command and execute the SQL output on your database to upgrade your database. Here’s a general example of how you might do this on a unix-like system with MySQL.

# Navigate to the bookstack folder
cd bookstack-folder

# Generate the upgrade sql and output to a 'dbupgrade.sql' file
php artisan bookstack:db-utf8mb4 > dbupgrade.sql

# Run the SQL via MySQL (Using root account)
mysql -u root < dbupgrade.sql

On ‘Key too long’ Error

You may get an error with a message along the lines of ‘Specified key was too long’ when following the above steps. In this scenario, If you want full emoji support, it may be best to re-create the database. Below is the recommended approach to achieving this. BACKUP ALL DB DATA BEFORE PROCEEDING.

  1. Dump all data from the database (Data only). For example:
# Change 'bookstack_db' to your bookstack database name
mysqldump -u root --no-create-info bookstack_db > bookstack_data.sql
  1. Re-create the database or create a new one.
  2. Update your BookStack config with new database details if required.
  3. Run php artisan migrate from your BookStack folder to migrate the database and re-create all tables.
  4. Restore the data from step 1:
mysql -u root < bookstack_data.sql
  1. Run php artisan migrate again to ensure the database is up-to-date.