Admin Documentation

Language Configuration

By default the BookStack interface is shown in English. Additional languages are supported by the wider BookStack community. English translations may show as a fallback if a chosen alternative language does not have fully up-to-date translations.

Setting the Default Language

The value of the APP_LANG variable needs to be a valid locale code The default language will be used as the default for logged-in users and also for public users if their language cannot be auto-detected. This can be set in your .env file as follows:

# Sets application language to French

The value of the APP_LANG variable must be a valid locale code matching one of the following options:

  • English - en
  • German - de
  • Spanish - es
  • Spanish, Argentinian - es_AR
  • French - fr
  • Dutch - nl
  • Brazilian Portuguese - pt_BR
  • Slovakian - sk
  • Swedish - sv
  • Japanese - ja
  • Polish - pl
  • Italian - it
  • Russian - ru
  • Chinese (Simplified) - zh_CN
  • Chinese (Traditional) - zh_TW

Public User Locale Autodetection

For users that are not logged-in BookStack will try to detect their language based off of information sent from their browser. If you’d prefer to force the language seen to be the APP_LANG setting you can set the following in your .env file: